25th Anniversary Concert

Founded 40 years ago, the Oriana Singers' mission was, and remains, to present great choral music--Renaissance to modern. Originally only 9 singers, its first concert presented Elizabethan madrigals in honor of "Oriana" (the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I), with readings and harpsichord pieces from the period.

Now a chamber choir with 30 members, its repertoire is focused on Baroque and Classical masterpieces for choir and orchestra--the greatest works of Bach and major works by Monteverdi, Mozart, Haydn, Purcell, Beethoven, and Handel.

Performances are stylistically appropriate, full of intense energy, accurate and brilliantly sung, but above all infused with a great sense of joy, which our audiences frequently and specifically comment upon. We occupy a special niche among the many choirs in the Burlington area, performing works of genius which for one reason or another are inaccessible to smaller or larger groups, or choirs lacking the technique to tackle the more difficult pieces in the repertoire.

1996 Mozart Festival Holiday Concert
Rehearsal Chaos Performance